BES Films is a Miami based film production and content creation company. Specializing in cinema quality digital video, BES Films builds brands, empowers small businesses and collaborates with artists and fellow creatives. BES works with clients and producers to deliver cinematic video content for TV, Film, social and digital media outlets. Founded by an award winning team of filmmakers, BES Films delivers the very best in digital video media.


Raymond Linares


Linares is co-founder and lead Cinematographer at BES Films. As partner and visual interpreter to Faroy, Raymond has worked side by side with Darian to co-Direct and lens over 60 projects for BES Films since 2011. Born and raised in Miami Florida in a Cuban American household, Raymond developed a language for artistic communication through early exposure to musical performance, writing, culinary arts and dance. All of which inform his career as a Director and filmmaker. Raymond looks to continue to push his craft and propel his business forward while delivering captivating content for clients and collaborators.

Darian Faroy


Faroy is co-founder and lead Editor at BES Films. A natural born storyteller and lover of film, Faroy amassed a huge inventory of film and story formats to his knowledge by consuming the classics and contemporary films alike. Comic books, video games, Saturday morning cartoons and late night movie binges have all infused their way into Faroy’s directorial and editorial reference and style. Emotive and informed, Faroy has a way of leading a project, that captures the essence of the story, while weighing each choice against a known database of solid storytelling technique. Combined with Linares’ intuitive approach to camera, the pair have delivered award winning films in both narrative and documentary formats.


“The Best Video Team I’ve Ever Worked With.”


Melissa Brown
Associate VP 5W Public Relations

"Amazing Talented Group"


Yaniv Cohen
The Spice Detective

"Reliable. Creative. Consistent"


Houston Cypress
Miccosukee Tribe of Florida


2011 Miami Short Film Festival

“Night Fables” awarded the “Tomorrow’s Filmmaker Today” Award at the 2011 MSFF

2014 RAWARDS Director's Choice

BES Films honored as the 2014 Miami Best of Season Director’s Choice in the category of film

2015 SWAIA Judge's Choice

“Kahayatle: A Journey of Everglades Restoration” honored at the Native American Contemporary Arts Festival with Judge’s Choice award in the category of film

2016 AFI Global Peace Initiative Award

“Kahayatle: A Journey of Everglades Restoration recognized by the AFI at the Global Peace Initiative Gala May 2016

Team Members

Juan S. Amaya


Michael Enriquez

Engineer/Drone Pilot

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