BES Films in 3D!

Here at BES Films Studios we are constantly looking at how to refine, improve and perfect ourselves and our interaction with our fans. This past year had some exciting steps forward that lay the groundwork for the expansive nature of our production company. Check out all the latest below.   At our recent RAWArds showcase […]

BES Films Turns 2!

Wow how time has flown. It’s amazing to think that we are already embarking on a new year, and with that comes a whole new level of special projects and growth for us at BES Films Studios. Today marks a special day in our history, as it is our 2nd birthday! My how our baby […]

BES Announces Latest Project: “PAMM”

If you happened to glance at our Instagram, Facebook and twitter feed last week then you may have noticed a little announcement made here by the BES Films studio.   “For most people last weekend, Art Basel meant graffiti murals, parties, and great music. For us at BES Films, it was all about construction hats, […]


Earlier this week we announced the release of a new project. One where we collaborated with a blossoming artist from Wynwood and created a truly organic and local experience which we are very proud of.     “GG” came together in a very interesting way for us. Our social saucier, Melissa Gomez, happened to have […]

BESColors A Real Hero

BESColors 3 is finally here and the reveal is something we are quite excited about.   Drive for us was a real home run of a film for many reasons. This picture oozed style, and pacing, and technique, beautiful photography, music, atmosphere etc… The experience as a whole was one that we really admired and […]

GG: Visuals

Yesterday we announced the release of our latest and most exciting collaboration and released this image on instagram.   Today we take you a little further into the visual journey that is ‘GG’: the official promo for Gabriel Giminez. Enjoy these stills and make sure to share on instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The images shown […]

BESColors 3 Is Here

Last month BES Films announced the beginning of a very exciting and continuous color grading project. One that would allow us not only to share with you our creative vision on a more consistent basis, but also to interact and communicate with our fans on both aesthetic and technical levels. We’re talking of course about […]

GG: Coming Soon

BES Films is proud to announce our most dynamic and exciting collaboration to date… GG.   This, the latest BES Films project, is an in depth and intimate look at the rising and prolific artist, Gabriel Gimenez. For those unfamiliar with GG’s work, he is a Miami native of Venezuelan decent, doing some very special […]

There Is No Plan B: BES Films on 20some

These past few weeks have been quite busy for us here at BES Films. We’ve been preparing and releasing some new content for audiences including our BESColors series of color graded images. Besides our busy creative schedules we’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some important people, locally and nationally, within our industry and the […]

Color Me If You Want to Live

Yesterday we announced the second image in our ongoing color series BESColors. The image was posted and we were quite certain that more than a few of our faithful fans would be quick to find the answer as to which movie we were emulating. Of course the movie-geeks did not dissapoint.   Our Facebook post […]


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