Have you ever wondered what a cooking show produced by BES Films would look like? Well wonder no more. Today we are very proud to announce the release of our very first Cooking Show & Web Series; The Spice Detective!.


Close up photo image of beautiful spices for The Spice Detective a cooking web series produced and directed by BES Films co-founders Raymond Linares and Darian Faroy from the Miami Independent production Film Company BES Films

Photo by Sonja Garnitsching


Over the past couple of months, the BES Films team has been hard at work on several projects, one of them specifically being a brand new web series titled “The Spice Detective”. The Spice Detective, takes a more natural and organic approach to medicine, health and wellness by exploring the healing properties of spices used around the world. On the blog you’ll find background information on a growing list of spices including Turmeric, Cardamom, Sumac and Zaatar to name a few. Then the Spice Detective Himself takes us on a little culinary adventure, showing us how to utilize these ultra healthy natural spices in our every day cooking. By subscribing to the Spice Detective YouTube channel you’ll be able to not only Meet the Detective, but also have access to all his fantastic and delicious recipes.


So who exactly is the Spice Detective? Well for that you’re going to need a little Background Check on our operative to get his full story.


Yaniv Cohen is a long time member of the culinary world, with experience and influence dating back since his childhood days in mama’s kitchen. For the past 10 years he’s been hard at work here in Miami establishing one of the finest catering and event production company’s in the world, Shiraz Events. Having this lifelong immersion with food, people and culture has put him in the position to be an authority in food and all its benefits, both in flavors and in wellness.

Yaniv Cohen The Spice Detective during a behind the scenes shoot of a web series produced and directed by Miami Independent production company BES Films

The Spice Detective began to take form a few months ago when Cohen, interested in bringing to life this lifelong passion for cooking and spices in a new way, contacted BES Films co-founder & now co-director for the show, Darian Faroy. Faroy would relay the message to co-founder and Cinematographer Raymond Linares who was instantly intrigued and agreed to meet with Cohen to discuss the idea behind the show and see how it could be elaborated. The world of the Spice Detective was now coming together.


After several meetings and visits to potential locations, the founding duo had all they needed to begin sculpting the visual world of “The Spice Detective”. As co-producers and visualizers of the concept, it was up to Linares and Faroy to help cultivate not only the idea for the show but also the essence of who Cohen was as a character and personality and how that would influence the direction and style of the show itself. Tying in his middle eastern roots, the directing duo took charge and began to hone together a fun noire inspired show and music concept that would endear themselves deeply to the project, but also provide a fun platform for Yaniv and his wonderful insight to shine.

Co-founders Darian Faroy and Raymond Linares block action during the shoot of their latest web series titled "The Spice Detective" produced by Miami Independent Film Production company BES Films


And so The Spice Detective was born! Today we have the privilege of releasing the first batch of many videos to come that will not only empower our audiences with delicious, really easy to make healthy dishes, but perhaps also with some more knowledge and attention to certain elements of food preparation that separate good food from really good for you food. The goal is to create an interactive community both on YouTube and on the Blog that allows people to share their stories, their experiences and their recipes with the Spice Detective. In the future we’ll be able to showcase some of the best stories on the Blog and connect audiences around the world with our favorite spice connoisseur, The Spice Detective!


Enjoy The Spice Detective!


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