Last week…


BES Films announced a major industry partnership with local art curator, the Bass Museum of Art.


In that announcement we also released the video promo for an amazing event titled “Beats After Sunset”. This event was such a huge success and we encourage you all to come to next month’s event in order to enjoy all the festivities. As a follow up to our first production for the Bass Museum, BES Films is proud to release its second visual production in collaboration with the team at the bass; this one with a slightly different feel than our first.


BES Films brings you an intimate documentary short taken from the opening day of the fall exhibit entitled “Unnatural” showing now at the Bass Museum of Art.


Here’s a brief excerpt from the bass website about the exhibit:


The concept of nature has acquired a new relevance in the hyper-technological age, leading many artists to reflect on artificial environments, where one is unable to trust what is real and what is not. A significant number of artists today challenge the gap between traditional perceptions of “nature” and “culture.” In many cases, they introduce new understandings of the sublime that replace its Romantic and the related sense of awe with a diverse range of critical, political and poetic approaches.


UNNATURAL will present scientific, romantic, conceptual, poetic, sensual and ecological conceptions of nature through a variety of strategies that reflect advances in technology in the twenty-first century. The works in the exhibition question conventional means and methods of representing the natural world and metaphorically embody both the paradoxical longing to fuse with nature and the threat embedded in such fusion. The works in UNNATURAL thus reflect a cultivated, synthetic, manipulated nature, which includes allusions to science as manifestations of a reality oscillating between the real and imaginary.


The video is an excerpt from opening day featuring several of the artists displayed in unnatural. Take an exclusive look inside the museum walls and hear insights from these very talented multimedia artists regarding inspiration, interpretation and execution of these wonderful works of art. The Unnatural exhibit will be open at the bass museum of art from Sun 4 September – Sun 4 November. Tweet us @BESFilms and #unnatural in order to tell us what you think about this video and whether you’ll be taking a visit to see all the artwork! Make sure to Like the bass museum facebook page and let them know what you think of this art doc. You can always give a little back too if you’d like to see more work like this coming out of BES Films!


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Bass Museum of Art – Unnatural from BES Films on Vimeo.