For the past several weeks, we at BES Films have been hard at work putting together some strong promotional content for some of our favorite local art houses and industry personalities. Today we are most excited to be debuting one of these pieces at a truly stunning and fantastic Miami art venue…. The Bass Museum of Art.

This beautiful stone museum houses some of the finest pieces of art in the world and most definitely in Miami. Showcasing a variety of mixed media art forms including sculpture, painting, photography and video installments, the Bass Museum does all it can to engage its audiences in the most dynamic ways possible. On the first Friday of every month, however, it takes that effort and goes one step further.

“Beats After Sunset” is a monthly event produced here in Miami by the Bass Museum where guests are invited to come enjoy a full open bar, live music being played by guest DJ’s, and of course the lovely artistic offerings within the museum walls… All for merely $10. And on this night, BES Films is proud to be displaying its promo piece for the fall re-launch of the Beats After Sunset event, showing exclusively on the Bass Museum Courtyard terrace walls.

The online version will be posted later in the week for your viewing pleasures, but if you want to see the premiere of our latest work tonight, you must make your way to the beautiful Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach. We will indulge our audiences by leaving you with a little visual tidbit to hold you off until the video hits the interwebs.

Feel free to stop by and take in the general merriment and good times. And as always make sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Stay tuned for some more exciting news coming from BES Films.