Last week we released some information regarding the relaunch of the Bass Museum event “Beats After Sunset”. The event went off with a bang and proved to be an incredible evening of fun and fervor. The Bass Museum courtyard terrace was lined with beautiful people from all walks of life and all areas of business here in the Miami industry. BES Films was part sponsor for this event, along with other local Miami businesses Chalk Miami, the Humane Society of Greater Miami, and such outside sponsors as Grey Goose and Duvel. The Beats After Sunset event was just the tip of the iceberg as far as the future for BES Films and the Bass Museum. This event was the foundation and launching point for something that we here at BES Films are extremely excited about.


We are happy to announce that as of today, BES Films is happy to bring the Bass Museum of Art on board as our first official Industry Partner. Our mission as a company is not only to provide our viewers with the best quality cinematic entertainment available in short format, but also to establish a strong, locally grown network of industry creatives right here in Miami. As such the Bass Museum of Art was such an obvious choice  for us to partner with in order to expand our reach from a digital realm, to a very physical and tangible realm. The Bass Museum of Art’s mission is to “inspire and educate by exploring the connections between … historical collections and contemporary art”. With pieces spanning over 500 years of art history, the Bass Museum of Art is a very important staple for what is the growing and ever expanding Miami art scene. With membership opportunities for the community, and monthly events such as Beats After Sunset, the Bass is a beautiful and expansive archive for all forms of art actively involved in engaging this great city. In the coming months you should expect to see several productions, created by your very own BES Films, exhibited at the Bass Museum of Art including the aforementioned Beats After Sunset promo.


The Courtyard Terrace of the Bass Museum of Art featured in the BES Film's Beats After Sunset Promo

The fact that the Bass Museum has shown so much support for BES Films and believes in our ability to create visual video representations to their priceless works of art, both in house and through associated events, means quite a lot to us here at BES Films. It is an honor to be able to create an alternate avenue of expression for these wonderfully talented artists whom are exhibited within the museum walls, and do so in a way that allows the museum’s faithful audiences, as well as the extended audiences of the internet community, immediate interactive access to what the Bass Museum has to offer. We hope that this venture leads to a more engaged and active artistic community here in Miami, while also allowing other communities to see what this beautiful city has to offer in the art forefront. Please visit our industry partner’s site and explore what opportunities may be available to you as a local member of the Miami art community.


As we promised in last week’s post, we would be releasing the Beats After Sunset promo this week for the viewing pleasures of our internet audience. We cannot imagine a more appropriate way to wrap such a great announcement, so without further ado, here is the Beats Promo. Make sure to check it out and plan to attend next month’s event; the coolest addition to your Friday night. If you like what you see please make sure to show your appreciation by contributing to our coffee fund! We hope to see you there.


Please head over to the Bass Museum Facebook and Twitter pages and let them know what you think about their Beats After Sunset Promo. As always make sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter in order to keep up with all the upcoming news and events.