Last week we announced that BES Films was taking to the skies through their partnership with Faroy Aerial Projects. Recently we released a continuation of our voyage into the atmosphere.
Our lead engineer and musician extraordinaire Michael Enriquez, is now successfully piloting the newest member of the BES Films aerial arsenal; a brand new Quad Copter we like to call “Nimbus 1”. Coupled with our action camera of choice the Go Pro Hero 3, the Nimbus 1 gives us access to 4k aerial stills and 2.7k aerial video as showcased in our most recent instagram post. This nimble and small unit allows us to get vantages and perspectives that are unreachable by any full sized helicopter.
Keeping a low profile makes it very easy to enter locations and areas that may be more sensitive otherwise, and capture the images necessary for the creative story telling process. This opens the doors for us to tell stories with a more expansive approach and with a tool that allows us to keep a light footprint without disturbing our locations too much with elongated setup times associated with cranes and the like.
For our clients it also provides them an introductory level where they can acquire aerial footage for their projects while saving money in comparison to the higher level helicopter shoots. There are give and takes with each option but for those whom this option fits, it provides a nice solution.
Enriquez had this to say about his experience flying the Nimbus and what it means to be part of the visual creating process with BES Films.
“My experience flying Nimbus 1 has been incredible! It’s very stable and allows the operator a wide range of mobility!”
Enriquez has really paid his dues with the unit pushing himself daily to master the techniques and flying prowess necessary to capture high quality video. The BES Films co-founders have really pushed Michael to the limits with Nimbus 1 and tested his skill set in some trying conditions.
“Quadcopters are relatively expensive, and operating one through questionable environments has proven to be nerve-racking. We’ve had some close calls during some flights, my heart will almost beat out of my chest… But when we get home and see how incredible the footage looks, it all makes sense and we realize the risk was all worth it”.
For information on pricing for aerial video and photography contact us at and look out for the release of our next project “PAMM”. You’re likely to see some stunning aerials folded into this our newest project :).
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BES Films Co-founders wave goodbye to their very own aerial quadcopter during a shoot for Miami Independent Production Film Company BES Films