Here at BES Films Studios we are constantly looking at how to refine, improve and perfect ourselves and our interaction with our fans. This past year had some exciting steps forward that lay the groundwork for the expansive nature of our production company. Check out all the latest below.
At our recent RAWArds showcase we emphasized going full circle with our audience experience. We wanted people to enjoy our films but also leave the venue with a permanent presence they could carry with them. Something that would remind them about their first experience with BES Films.
Michael Enriquez, BES Films Musician and Engineer, supervises the printing of a 3D PrintWorx Original keychain for BES Films
Our Musician / Engineer Michael Enriquez brought his expertise to this mission and crafted some very special BES Films themed merchandise for guests at our display.
Michael, as a student of the FIU school of engineering, and an entrepreneur in his own right, has taken his skills and applied them in the field of 3D printing by launching his own startup “3D PrintWorx”.
As an active member behind the scenes of BES Films, Enriquez sat down with us and came up with a simple design that both represented us and kept consistent with our aesthetic as a company.
These excellently crafted key chains were the perfect gift for our audiences, contacts and new fans for our RAWArds showcase. This attention to detail is something we really hold close to our mission and were happy that Enriquez could deliver so completely.
3D PrintWorx creates an original keychain for BES Films to give away during their RAWArds Showcase


3D printing in itself has a lot of exciting possibilities for both Enriquez’ business 3D PrintWorx, but also for BES Films Studios as it relates to manufacturing and our eventual integration of that in our business model.
Some of the direct applications of 3D printing in our efforts include.

  • Custom camera gear and rigging printed in plastic:


  • This allows us to custom build gear to our needs for each of our cameras and do so at a cost affordable level. Once we’re happy with a design it can be finalized and if need be, produced in a more sturdy material i.e. Aluminum or steel.


  • Props: This year we’re focusing a lot on our narratives and will begin the process of finalizing some very exciting screenplays. As we roll into production, 3D printing will allow us to fabricate custom props to include in our sets and designs for our shoots.


  • 3D model scaling / blocking


  • Pre visualization is another exciting element for all of this. Being able to create scaled down versions of our sets will give both directors and DP’s a tangible idea of how blocking and shooting schedules should be approached. It’ll also be a cool novelty for collectors and fans to visit in the future.


  • Manufacturing division of BES Films: This is the groundwork for a manufacturing division within BES Films that we are all very excited about. This is about as do it yourself as it gets and that’s at our very core as a team. As we continue to grow, cost benefit analysis can be completed and we will be able to determine whether rolling out a line of camera parts and gear based on our designs will be an active part of our business model.

Michael is already hard at work on a current project which we’ve been researching for some months now. He’s looking at creating a custom made motion control system, using an open source model, to suit our needs and help us finish our pending Miami photo-mosaic time-lapse project “Miami Dreams”. His initial renderings and tests are very exciting and when executed will take that project to a whole new and more immersive level.
If you have any questions or requests of 3D print services for our Musician / Engineer please feel free to contact him at
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BES Films Keychains as produced and printed by 3D PrintWorx