There’s a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes here at BES Films Studios. One of those things we are very excited to announce today. As we move into the expansion of our capabilities as a film studio, we are so happy to announce the partnership of Faroy Aerial Projects and BES Films.
Image of Downtown Miami as captured by BES Films and Faroy Aerial Projects
Faroy Aerial projects is a company specializing in aerial film capture for over 20 years. With a legacy of stunning aerial photography and imagery, they’ve cemented an ever growing list of high end and very satisfied clientele. As they transition into digital based capture and delivery, the head of FAP, Nicolas Faroy has decided that his son, and BES Films co-founder Darian Faroy, will be taking the reigns in managing the company’s operations and visual imaging. The award winning filmmaker and BES Films Idea Engineer had this to say about the partnership and his newfound responsibility.
“I’m really excited about stepping up to the plate and joining in on my dad’s hard-working legacy. I’ll see to it that Faroy Aerial Projects continues their standards of excellence while adapting to an ever-evolving market place. Having BES Films in a working relationship with Faroy Aerial projects has been something that’s been in the thought banks for a while now. I’m really looking forward to making this vision become a reality.” – Darian Faroy
Image of Miami Boat Show 2014 as captured by BES Films and Faroy Aerial Projects
For BES Films this is a giant leap forward. With our growing recognition in the local community for our visual stylings, the easy access to aerial video and photography opens a whole new horizon for us to more completely express our vision of this amazing city and provide an expanded and more dynamic service to our clients.
Our co-founder and lead Cinematographer Raymond Linares had this to say about the partnership.
“We have some really exciting projects lined up for the audiences of BES Films. The ability to take our Cinematography to the skies means we can more fully express our visions and tell stories with a sense of grander that reflect everything that’s amazing about this beautiful city.” Raymond Linares.
Image of freight tanker out in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of MIami captured by BES Films and Faroy Aerial Projects
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