This past week has been a productive one. We’ve released a couple promo videos for our industry partners while making some big announcements. Tonight we’d like to share another venture related more closely to our own productions.


Recently, our friends over at hosted a pretty awesome event called the “Drive Tour”. This event was held at Grand Central, and produced by NightDrive Miami. In it, the producers played a big set alongside some pretty awesome musicians. The same musicians who brought you such music as “A real hero” from a little movie called “Drive”.


We at BES Films happen to be very big fans of the film Drive and most definitely of it’s soundtrack. That whole project came together really well and was inspiring for us on a few levels. It was with that network of collaboration in mind that we decided to show our appreciation by cutting our updated cinematography reel to another soundtrack piece from that film titled “Nightcall“. Nightcall is a pretty heavy track with layers of hard awesomeness riddled through electronic, synth, and bass. We felt it paired perfectly with the updated reel and was a nice way to showcase some never before seen BES Films footage. Some footage from a certain unreleased short film we’ve been holding on to.

We’ll let you decide which shot we’re talking about.

BES Films Cinematography from BES Films on Vimeo.


Make sure to let us know what you think of the updated reel and choice of music through our Facebook and Twitter pages using #BESReel. Make sure to check out Kavinsky’s page and let him know what you think as well.