Every year Art Basel comes to town and with it comes a huge influx and attention towards international art. Miami plays host to this, probably most lucrative weekend in the calendar year for artists and the city alike and sees visitors flock to our hallowed art hubs and ingest what we have to offer as an art community year round. Artists and muralist flock to the streets and create incredible works both independently and in collaboration with artists visiting for the basel weekend.

Galleries fill with new works, pieces are sold and relationships solidified for new and impressive projects. However with as much good that comes out of the Art Basel experience we’re painfully aware of a recurring truth. That Art Basel itself does very little to showcase the works of local Miami artists. The Miami Beach Convention Center remains repeatedly an international exhibition and hardly features local work if at all. Something about that doesn’t sit entirely well with us.

As very proud Miami artists and filmmakers ourselves, we thought there was something to be said for that absence of local presence, and set out to plant a flag in the ground for what we know is an extremely talented core of local artists that are here year round. The ones that are the pulse of this broadening and increasingly impressive art culture in Miami; and that make Wynwood, and the surrounding city areas a relevant art community long after Basel has come and gone.

So we decided to #HijackBasel!

Hijack Basel aims to reclaim the focus of what Art Basel brings to Miami & represent the local artists that define this amazing art community year round. The effort and idea took hold rather quickly and we were extremely grateful to be so well received by so many of Wynwood’s finest artists, sculptors, muralists and art personalities. Connecting quickly with some of our favorite past collaborators and some new incredibly awesome and talented creatives.

This first #HijackBasel lineup features Stephen Gamson, Didi Contreras, GG, Kazilla, Alexander Mijares, Enrique Machado, Nate Dee, 8-bit Lexicon, Yuri Tuma and Brian Butler. The idea of this digital showcase was to use the common denominator amongst all these artists, instagram, and create an exhibition that allowed audiences to meet these talented creators, familiarize themselves with their amazing work, and connect with them on a social platform. Each artists information is available in the HijackBasel exhibition and hopefully audiences and future clients can link up with these talented natives and we’ll see some commissioned work in the future.

We’re very grateful as well to have been able to feature a local talented musician by the name of “Walstep”. The instagram platform is perfect for providing short audio visual experiences, and with all these amazing visuals contributed by local artists, we were excited to have the perfect music to accompany our exhibition. Check out the sample of “Forest Interlude” on the instagram page or visit soundcloud.com/walstep for more from this talented Miami musician.

Next year we hope include some other artists and expand the HijackBasel series to encompass more of what Miami has to offer. For now we’ll leave you with the very first #HijackBasel.

Instagram feature series for local Miami artists used to showcase the amazing talent located in Miami year round by BES Films.