BES Films has been steadily expanding it’s professional catalog of promotional content by reaching into new and exciting industries to highlight interesting players in the Miami demographic. Our past collaborations have been very art centric with mini documentaries and promos for local rising artists and Miami based museums. Recently we’ve launched a brand new culinary web series with one of Miami’s finest foodies and catering / events production specialists, Yaniv Cohen.

As a production company however we’ve been itching to dive into a new sphere that blends both the artistic and lifestyle elements of these collaborations. A couple months ago we finally got that opportunity with our first ever full production campaign in the world of fashion.

Image of Sebastien James Spring Summer Campaign leather selection as filmed by BES Films

BES Films received the call from local Miami based men’s fashion designer Sebastien James to collaborate and bring to life their 2015 Spring Summer Campaign. The men’s line founded by Sebastien Scemla is fiercely based on the principles of quality and attention to detail. With roots in international european fashion, the line uses its worldly influence and adapts it to fit the contemporary American man.

BES Films co-founder Darian Faroy received the opportunity to film this campaign with a developed sense of experiences based in the fashion industry. A semi-professional fashion aficionado with experience working in retail with Etro as well as modeling experience with the Ford modeling agency; Faroy was keenly positioned to take the Directorial role for this 2015 Spring Summer Campaign.

BES Films Co-Founders Darian Faroy and Raymond Linares locking in the shot for the SPring Summer 2015 Campaign for Sebastien James

The BES Films team set to task in shaping images that matched the quality of production displayed in the Spring Summer Campaign. With that at the forefront of the strategy for filming, BES Films cinematographer Raymond Linares selected RED Digital Cinema as camera platform of choice, and turned to one of Miami’s legendary DP’s Egon Stephon Jr & Cinevideotech to provide a fully kitted RED Epic package. Complete with Arri-Vari primes and some of the finest camera grip gear available, Linares lensed this stunning campaign shoot in full 4-5k imagery with high frame rate capture, delivering on the promise of top notch quality deserved by this campaign.

BES Films co Founder and Lead Cinematographer Raymond Linares mans a fully kitted RED Epic shooting 5k images for the Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015 Campaign Video

On Instagram and Facebook we released some images of the BES Films founders on location in beautiful Islamorada during the catalog shoot. Partnered with the team from MRKT, the group focused the weekend’s production on catching and accenting the details that make this local designer’s work special. From two solid days of filming under their belt BES Films was able to deliver quite a bit of content for the campaign, including a brand interview video with founder Sebastien Scemla as well as a lifestyle campaign video set to be released in the coming weeks. The campaign video has already seen light to very positive reviews during live reveals of the campaign at major fashion trade shows in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas earlier in the year.

BES Films On location working with campaign models for the 2015 Spring Summer Campaign Video Shoot for Sebastien james

Keep connected with us on Instagram and Facebook as we release sneak peaks of the upcoming campaign video and to keep up to date with the latest on this exciting project collaboration.