We’ve done some projects in the past in collaboration with the group at Wynwoodradio.com. We are big proponents and supporters of the local artistic scene and entities here in Miami. Part of our mission is to create a very well connected and collaborative independent industry here in Miami. Building on the release of the What is Nightdrive Promo, the Welcome to Wynwood video highlights the collaboration between Nightdrive Miami and Wynwood Radio and mentions some new artists who are working with the Wynwood team. These artists include such Miami DJ’s musicians as Lazaro Casanova, Panic Bomber, and of course Laura of Miami.
Wynwood is already a booming artistic central for Miami creatives, and the team at wynwoodradio.com are making a big push on the music front in the area. They are great curators of world music, and blend local vibes, styles and influences that span generations into their mixes. Make sure to catch their shows which air throughout the week on http://www.wynwoodradio.com/radioplayer.html. Shout them out on Twitter, Facebook and let them know you’ve seen this piece using #welcometowynwood.

Nightdrive Miami – “Welcome to Wynwood” from BES Films on Vimeo.


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