Kahayatle Claims First Festival Prize: Judges Choice SWAIA!

Kahayatle Claims First Festival Prize: Judges Choice SWAIA!

In our last blog post we announced that our collaboration with the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida “Kahayatle: A Journey of Everglades Restoration” was going out into the festival circuit. The narrative short film produced by the Miccosukee Tribe, Directed by our co-founder Darian Faroy and DP’d by co-founder & Cinematographer Raymond Linares, has been traveling the festival circuit in several illustrious festivals including some of the premiere festivals in Native American Culture.

Among these include the Santa Fe Indian Market SWAIA which sets the precedent for contemporary Native American Art. We are so proud to announce that our film has returned with it’s first official laurel and top honor for festival in the Narrative Film category with the Judge’s Choice award.

Award Letter for Kahayatle A journey of Everglades Restoration produced by Miami Film Production Company BES Films and the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida
This film marks our first released narrative venture since our initial batch of narrative favorites like “Presents”. It also hails the second film festival award granted to a BES Films production after our narrative short horror story “Night Fables”. The success of Kahayatle rings close to the heart for BES Films as well because it’s a concept that we were approached with and given the reign over to adapt and showcase as we interpreted it. Writer Daphne Cayo and Producer Houston Cypress approached us with this wonderful concept, and message they wanted to share and allowed us to explore creatively all the avenues that make this short film what it is.

As we continue to take our talents forward and collaborate with local communities and companies we look forward to continuing to showcase all that make these compelling entities so special and bringing to light the full spectrum of Miami’s diverse artistic and cultural community.

To keep up to date with “Kahayatle: A Journey of Everglades Restoration” visit the info page on Ottervision’s website. And for more updates from us, Like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Special Delivery at O Cinema

This year has seen some exciting activity going on in the Miami independent filmmaking scene. Earlier this year we shared an exciting and new event being held by the Indie Film Club of Miami. BES Films was blessed with the opportunity to be involved with that event, and now is getting in the ring in another event being put together by the Indie Film Club titled “I’m NOT Gonna Move to LA”.



In this event the Indie Film Club screens local short films who compete for an audience vote. The winning film is granted an assortment of prizes including a rental package from premiere grip, lighting and cinema rental house CVT.
On September 5th BES Films will offer up one of it’s favorite short films “The Delivery” for the special screening. If you haven’t seen “The Delivery” it’s quite the action packed thrill ride oozing with style and the comic book-esque mythos of  a dasterdly pseudo-villain, “Mr. Anthony”.

This picture is the creative vision of super talented BES Director Juan Sebastian Amaya and includes the acting prowess of several members of the BES Films creators, including Raymond Linares, Darian Faroy and Antanas Jurksaitis. In honor of this great event, and in order to increase the suspense for those yet to have seen the Delivery, we have made the short feature private online until after the screening date. If you’d like to catch Mr. Anthony in action and see how this black and white thriller ends come to the “I’m NOT Gonna Move to LA” event at O Cinema on September 5th.




Tickets for this event are going to sell fast so make sure to pick yours up as soon as possible. This event has been sold out for the last two months and continues to prove itself a great support for local filmmakers. Come out and enjoy the show while supporting the local talent brewing here in Miami. Make sure to bring your boogie shoes and appetite as there will be a band playing on location as well as a food truck present for all your culinary needs. See you there.


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BES Films at the Colony Theater

In a previous post, BES Films announced it’s sponsorship of the Miami 24 Hour Film Race. We are happy to remind you that the premiere screening and award ceremony will be tonight at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach. There will be a total of 20 films playing this evening and vying for the prize package being offered by BES Films. Several of the BES Films founders will be in attendance in order to greet the winning filmmakers and present them with their prize package. Christy McCouch, the Miami event producer for the 24 Hour Film Race, will be acting as master of ceremonies for the premiere and will present a series of prizes including Best Direction, Best Acting Ensemble, and Best Original Music Score.


Listed below is some of the key information regarding, times, location and ticketing for the event. For all the details, just visit the 24 Hour Film Race site, or the event Facebook page.


Premiere Screening Information:

June 27 at 7:30pm

1040 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Advanced Tickets: $10

Door Tickets: $12


We look forward to seeing you all there this evening. Please make sure to come out and support your local filmmakers.


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How to Prepare for 24 HR Film Race

We at BES Films recently announced our sponsorship for the 2012 24 Hour Film Race Miami. Seeing as the event is quickly approaching, and the deadline for registration has been extended, all teams should be preparing very carefully for how they will approach this challenging event.

Many times, events like these, where every minute becomes incredibly important, are decided before the event even begins. That being said, we would like to offer a little insight, and some key ideas that production teams can implement and use in preparation for this 24 hour sprint to movie making history!


Evergreen: Presets, Transitions and Effects



Generally speaking, in short indie film productions, especially those shot digitally, the line between production and post production becomes slightly blurred. When your deadline for a finished product is less than 24 hours, that divide vanishes all together. It is absolutely essential to have a strong post production workflow which expedites the editing process of the film before getting on set. As it relates to implementing a specific style to your film, many industry professional editors will turn to their previous work, saved in what’s called an “Evergreen Folder”.



An Evergreen folder is simply a location where an editor saves effects or transitions used in previous projects from their NLE software of choice. A lot of times, these effects, transitions or layers can take a lot of time to create. Utilizing an extensive library of previously made effects can seriously expedite the editing process. Especially if those effects tie in with the look and feel you decide to go with for your 24 Hour Film Race submission. Even if those effects aren’t exactly what you’re project needs, they can help get you in the ball park and allow the editing team to make the minor adjustments necessary without having to sacrifice precious time in creating them from the ground up.


If you don’t have an Evergreen folder, or something like it, not to worry. Most NLE software platforms have a pretty extensive library of preset effects available for use. Adobe’s After Effects, is a great example of a program with a large library of very detailed and powerful presets that are built into the application. These effects are usually very easy to apply to your footage. It would definitely be a wise thing to sit down and familiarize yourself with all the options available to you as they might prove very useful when time is against you.


LUT’s: Create your look before you get on set.



LUT’s, or look up tables, are pre-packaged algorithms which create specific stylized aesthetics for your digital footage. LUT’s are great ways to edit your film with a look or aesthetic that will be closer to what you want your finished product to be instead of the typical super flat image which comes out of your DSLR or digital camera. For most of you, you will be using DSLR footage, and there are only a few options as far as popularly used LUT’s. For Canon DSLR’s we are talking specifically about the Technicolor Cinestyle LUT. You can definitely use LUT’s as a part of a powerful post production workflow, using saved S-Curve presets in order to maximize the look of your film before applying any extra color effects. If you’re considering implementing LUT’s into your workflow for the first time, this link provides some great information on how to apply LUT’s to your DSLR footage.


Other more advanced camera systems, allow you to dynamically change or apply preset LUT’s to your footage while in camera. This can help you and your colorist agree on which direction you want to go as far as color theme for your short very quickly. If you have access to this robust type of workflow then definitely take advantage of it!


The goal is to use these presets as ways to expedite the coloring process, allowing you to get to a general ball park area before dialing in on specific color shifts for your footage.


Workflow: Conversion time. . .  Who needs it?!


Start Editing Right Away!! Let me remind you… this event will finish 24 hours from the time it starts! This means you have to start editing RIGHT AWAY! Given the truncated time table, you are almost forced into a workflow where you need an NLE which eliminates the need for converting your footage. Specifically we’re referring the need to convert footage in order to import into FCP 7. The conversion time can be an absolute killer and cost you you’re most valuable resource… Time.


We recommend using an application that will allow you to edit natively without having to go through a conversion process. If you have access to Adobe Premiere, it definitely has it’s advantages. If you’re used to an FCP workflow, Adobe accommodates you by including a setting for FCP users. Basically aligning all your familiar FCP editing functions within the Premiere environment. You can also travel seamlessly throughout the Adobe suite and utilize powerful workflows with After Effects, Photoshop etc.


FCP X, if you’ve used it before, can also be a good option as it has the same benefit provided by Adobe Premiere. You can import your native H.264 DSLR footage and edit in real time. The program will transcode in the background while you begin editing and organizing your footage.


If you aren’t comfortable with either of these platforms and will be editing in FCP 7, make sure to have spare cards on hand for your operators as the time for the transcode process will depend on the power of your system. Try and be as efficient as possible with your transcoding. You may need to rely more heavily in this type of workflow with the script supervisors notes in order to locate and organize footage. Having a powerful beefy machine will also help your team edit faster. However, if you don’t have access to a MAC pro or super PC, you can definitely shave the corners and make up time against other teams using the suggestions listed above.



Plan Plan Plan!: Create your structure before you shoot.



Even though you are on pretty much the most arduous deadline schedule out there in competition filmmaking, there is no excuse for not having a solid plan for your production. Communication with your team is key. Everyone being on the same page becomes especially critical when the pressure reaches its peak and the deadline closes in. Take the time in the beginning to ensure that everyone has a set strategy and set responsibilities for the shoot. We cannot emphasize enough how important this simple, yet often overlooked, procedure can be for your production team.



Mindset: There is never a plan B!


No matter how much you plan, unforeseen obstacles will manage to creep into your set and threaten the life of your short film. Regardless of what arises, a positive mindset is essential in order to overcome the adversities that often times do come up. Here at BES Films, we have a saying which we’ve held strongly to since the very beginning. “There is no such thing as a plan B!” Stay strong, think clearly, and know that what you need to do, will be done. If one person on your team acts and thinks like that, the rest of the team will feed off of it and likely will perform at a higher level. If all members of the team think and act like that… well then you have something very special.


At the end of the day it’s very important to take this event for what it is. A great experience for honing your craft. You get to compete and honor the skill of filmmaking by growing with your peers in the process. Make sure to go out there and have fun. Enjoy the journey and let the chips fall where they may. We hope this helps and energizes you and your time to gear up for some awesome filmmaking.


Happy Shooting.


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BES Films Sponsors Miami 24 Hour Film Race

BES Films is happy to announce a collaboration, and sponsorship of the 2012 24 hour film race. The 24 hour film race is a competition which dates back to 2002. With its origins in NY, the 24 hour film race set out to answer one question… “Can a movie be made in 24 hours?”. This year’s event is being presented by none other than HTC one. In a recent post, we discussed our own ventures with mobile cinema. Having created our own completely cell phone shot film, we find it fitting that HTC is behind this awesome event, and look forward to seeing how mobile technology will play a role in this year’s 24 hour Film Race.


Now in its eleventh year of existence, and with over 3,000 films having been created and submitted to the competition, the answer is of course a resounding yes. Knowing all too well the riggers of deadlines and short shooting schedules, BES Films has decided to become involved in the Miami section of this international event. Alongside with the Miami International Film Festival, and the Palm Beach International Film Festival, BES Films will be sponsoring the Miami Film race with a prize package valued at $3,500.00.


As an incentive to the local talent and filmmakers interested in joining this event, BES Films will provide the following to the winning team.


  • A custom re edit of their finished film by BES Films.
  • A custom color correction of the edited piece.
  • Applied color correction to the original version of the film
  • A round table discussion regarding the decision making process for the edits and color correction for the film


The goal is to strengthen our ties with the local film-making community as well as provide fresh eyes and insight to the submitted work. Hopefully for the winning team, our input can propel them to win the overall national prize for this year’s 24 hr film festival and in turn help make the rest of the country aware of what we at BES Films already know. That Miami is full of talented and exceptional artistic talent.


To read more about the 24 hr film race please visit their website. If your interested in registering you can read all the details in this link. You also have the option of registering for the competition via Facebook Post, or Tweet


We would like to take a moment and thank Christy McCouch, the event producer for this year’s Miami 24 Hour Film Race event.  Please take a moment and read up about Christy, as she will be the one behind the scenes organizing this event for our local filmmakers and talent.
Stay tuned for further updates regarding the date of the Miami Screening as well as all other things going on in the world of BES.


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Showcase “Presents” Festival & Vimeo

Our romantic, love story / fantasy, short film “Presents”, is having a very good week indeed. We’ve received word that on April 2nd, Miami Dade College is hosting the Miami International Festival of the Arts (MIFA). They will be opening the festival with “Presents”, a BES Films production, shot entirely on cell phones.


As a digital exposition to accompany this real life festival, “Presents” was featured today on two high profile Vimeo channels which focus entirely on iPhone cinema. These channels are “iPhone Cinema” and “iPhone4“, which are home to some very famous moderators including “The Film Artist“, Vincent Laforet, and Philip Bloom. These are people that all film enthusiasts can get inspiration from and learn from, so I’d recommend taking some time to view their pages. Make sure to watch our film as well as any other related content you may find!


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