Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015

Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015

BES Films has been steadily expanding it’s professional catalog of promotional content by reaching into new and exciting industries to highlight interesting players in the Miami demographic. Our past collaborations have been very art centric with mini documentaries and promos for local rising artists and Miami based museums. Recently we’ve launched a brand new culinary web series with one of Miami’s finest foodies and catering / events production specialists, Yaniv Cohen.

As a production company however we’ve been itching to dive into a new sphere that blends both the artistic and lifestyle elements of these collaborations. A couple months ago we finally got that opportunity with our first ever full production campaign in the world of fashion.

Image of Sebastien James Spring Summer Campaign leather selection as filmed by BES Films

BES Films received the call from local Miami based men’s fashion designer Sebastien James to collaborate and bring to life their 2015 Spring Summer Campaign. The men’s line founded by Sebastien Scemla is fiercely based on the principles of quality and attention to detail. With roots in international european fashion, the line uses its worldly influence and adapts it to fit the contemporary American man.

BES Films co-founder Darian Faroy received the opportunity to film this campaign with a developed sense of experiences based in the fashion industry. A semi-professional fashion aficionado with experience working in retail with Etro as well as modeling experience with the Ford modeling agency; Faroy was keenly positioned to take the Directorial role for this 2015 Spring Summer Campaign.

BES Films Co-Founders Darian Faroy and Raymond Linares locking in the shot for the SPring Summer 2015 Campaign for Sebastien James

The BES Films team set to task in shaping images that matched the quality of production displayed in the Spring Summer Campaign. With that at the forefront of the strategy for filming, BES Films cinematographer Raymond Linares selected RED Digital Cinema as camera platform of choice, and turned to one of Miami’s legendary DP’s Egon Stephon Jr & Cinevideotech to provide a fully kitted RED Epic package. Complete with Arri-Vari primes and some of the finest camera grip gear available, Linares lensed this stunning campaign shoot in full 4-5k imagery with high frame rate capture, delivering on the promise of top notch quality deserved by this campaign.

BES Films co Founder and Lead Cinematographer Raymond Linares mans a fully kitted RED Epic shooting 5k images for the Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015 Campaign Video

On Instagram and Facebook we released some images of the BES Films founders on location in beautiful Islamorada during the catalog shoot. Partnered with the team from MRKT, the group focused the weekend’s production on catching and accenting the details that make this local designer’s work special. From two solid days of filming under their belt BES Films was able to deliver quite a bit of content for the campaign, including a brand interview video with founder Sebastien Scemla as well as a lifestyle campaign video set to be released in the coming weeks. The campaign video has already seen light to very positive reviews during live reveals of the campaign at major fashion trade shows in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas earlier in the year.

BES Films On location working with campaign models for the 2015 Spring Summer Campaign Video Shoot for Sebastien james

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Monumental Paper Chain

Monumental Paper Chain

As one of our favorite venues in south florida, the BASS Museum of Art has played host to some amazing art and event installations within it’s walls. We’ve been very fortunate within that time to have been repeatedly invited to capture and portray those beautiful installations with some of our favorite works. Among those are “Unnatural” and of course our favorite Friday night event on the beach “Beats After Sunset“!.

When the museum approached us again recently with the idea of a very special event taking place at the BASS, we were more than eager to lend our vision and work to help bring that day to life… and so the “Monumental Paper Chain” was born.

Art and Family combine at IDEA Day at the BASS Museum of Art

The museum, besides being a great source of cultural infusion through it’s dynamic art installations, it also takes much pride in its level of involvement with the local community; especially as that relates to the families and youth with whom the museum interacts with often during the calendar year.

One such specialty event was IDEA Day @ the BASS, where family and youth could come to the museum and take part in art projects, enjoy live storytelling, interactive video displays as well as behold a wonderful youth effort organized by the BASS museum with the Monumental Paper Chain. The Bass Museum of art conducted art projects through the community from April through July using recycled paper. Participants were asked to write personal messages of peace and inspiration and then the papers were linked together to construct “Monumental Paper Chain.”

Monumental Paper Chain Project powered by the Knight Foundation and featured at the BASS Museum of Art

The final project was unveiled on July 27 at the Bass’ IDEA@thebass Family Day, a free afternoon of ACTIVITY and art exploration. “This project was designed as a platform to inspire various communities to make a real connection with each other, while at the same time breathing new life into recycled materials, and creating art that connects each of us,” said Executive Director Silvia Karman Cubina.

The unveiling of the project pairs perfectly with the beautiful installation of African Artist El Anatsui, who masterfully weaves together intricate art pieces using detritus and recycled materials and puts them on display in massive scale.

Artwork by El Anatsui featured at the BASS Museum of Art

Such a pleasure getting to work with the BASS Museum on such a locally connected project. Special thank you to the Knight Foundation for empowering the Museum to create this document covering this great event and bringing the community closer through art.

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Monumental Paper Chain from BES Films on Vimeo.

GG: Coming Soon

BES Films is proud to announce our most dynamic and exciting collaboration to date… GG.
This, the latest BES Films project, is an in depth and intimate look at the rising and prolific artist, Gabriel Gimenez. For those unfamiliar with GG’s work, he is a Miami native of Venezuelan decent, doing some very special work all throughout our great city. A member of the talented fleet of artists coming out of Wynwood, GG has showcased his work in New York, LA, Miami and South America and was recently featured in Men’s Vogue.
We will be holding a special event screening this Thursday at the Lab Miami at 7pm. This event is open to the public and we encourage your attendance. GG will have a select number of his original pieces on display and the night will cap with the unveiling of his official promo.
We are honored to have worked with such a talented member of this local artistic community and can’t wait to bring this finished work to our audiences.
Stay tuned for upcoming info and posts across our Facebook, Twitter and especially instagram :).
Teaser Image for the release of the official promo for rising Venezuelan Miami based artist Gabriel Gimenez as produced by Miami Independent Production Company BES Films

Welcome to Wynwood

We’ve done some projects in the past in collaboration with the group at We are big proponents and supporters of the local artistic scene and entities here in Miami. Part of our mission is to create a very well connected and collaborative independent industry here in Miami. Building on the release of the What is Nightdrive Promo, the Welcome to Wynwood video highlights the collaboration between Nightdrive Miami and Wynwood Radio and mentions some new artists who are working with the Wynwood team. These artists include such Miami DJ’s musicians as Lazaro Casanova, Panic Bomber, and of course Laura of Miami.
Wynwood is already a booming artistic central for Miami creatives, and the team at are making a big push on the music front in the area. They are great curators of world music, and blend local vibes, styles and influences that span generations into their mixes. Make sure to catch their shows which air throughout the week on Shout them out on Twitter, Facebook and let them know you’ve seen this piece using #welcometowynwood.

Nightdrive Miami – “Welcome to Wynwood” from BES Films on Vimeo.


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Bass Museum of Art – Unnatural

Last week…


BES Films announced a major industry partnership with local art curator, the Bass Museum of Art.


In that announcement we also released the video promo for an amazing event titled “Beats After Sunset”. This event was such a huge success and we encourage you all to come to next month’s event in order to enjoy all the festivities. As a follow up to our first production for the Bass Museum, BES Films is proud to release its second visual production in collaboration with the team at the bass; this one with a slightly different feel than our first.


BES Films brings you an intimate documentary short taken from the opening day of the fall exhibit entitled “Unnatural” showing now at the Bass Museum of Art.


Here’s a brief excerpt from the bass website about the exhibit:


The concept of nature has acquired a new relevance in the hyper-technological age, leading many artists to reflect on artificial environments, where one is unable to trust what is real and what is not. A significant number of artists today challenge the gap between traditional perceptions of “nature” and “culture.” In many cases, they introduce new understandings of the sublime that replace its Romantic and the related sense of awe with a diverse range of critical, political and poetic approaches.


UNNATURAL will present scientific, romantic, conceptual, poetic, sensual and ecological conceptions of nature through a variety of strategies that reflect advances in technology in the twenty-first century. The works in the exhibition question conventional means and methods of representing the natural world and metaphorically embody both the paradoxical longing to fuse with nature and the threat embedded in such fusion. The works in UNNATURAL thus reflect a cultivated, synthetic, manipulated nature, which includes allusions to science as manifestations of a reality oscillating between the real and imaginary.


The video is an excerpt from opening day featuring several of the artists displayed in unnatural. Take an exclusive look inside the museum walls and hear insights from these very talented multimedia artists regarding inspiration, interpretation and execution of these wonderful works of art. The Unnatural exhibit will be open at the bass museum of art from Sun 4 September – Sun 4 November. Tweet us @BESFilms and #unnatural in order to tell us what you think about this video and whether you’ll be taking a visit to see all the artwork! Make sure to Like the bass museum facebook page and let them know what you think of this art doc. You can always give a little back too if you’d like to see more work like this coming out of BES Films!


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Bass Museum of Art – Unnatural from BES Films on Vimeo.

BES Films & Bass Museum Unite

Last week we released some information regarding the relaunch of the Bass Museum event “Beats After Sunset”. The event went off with a bang and proved to be an incredible evening of fun and fervor. The Bass Museum courtyard terrace was lined with beautiful people from all walks of life and all areas of business here in the Miami industry. BES Films was part sponsor for this event, along with other local Miami businesses Chalk Miami, the Humane Society of Greater Miami, and such outside sponsors as Grey Goose and Duvel. The Beats After Sunset event was just the tip of the iceberg as far as the future for BES Films and the Bass Museum. This event was the foundation and launching point for something that we here at BES Films are extremely excited about.


We are happy to announce that as of today, BES Films is happy to bring the Bass Museum of Art on board as our first official Industry Partner. Our mission as a company is not only to provide our viewers with the best quality cinematic entertainment available in short format, but also to establish a strong, locally grown network of industry creatives right here in Miami. As such the Bass Museum of Art was such an obvious choice  for us to partner with in order to expand our reach from a digital realm, to a very physical and tangible realm. The Bass Museum of Art’s mission is to “inspire and educate by exploring the connections between … historical collections and contemporary art”. With pieces spanning over 500 years of art history, the Bass Museum of Art is a very important staple for what is the growing and ever expanding Miami art scene. With membership opportunities for the community, and monthly events such as Beats After Sunset, the Bass is a beautiful and expansive archive for all forms of art actively involved in engaging this great city. In the coming months you should expect to see several productions, created by your very own BES Films, exhibited at the Bass Museum of Art including the aforementioned Beats After Sunset promo.


The Courtyard Terrace of the Bass Museum of Art featured in the BES Film's Beats After Sunset Promo

The fact that the Bass Museum has shown so much support for BES Films and believes in our ability to create visual video representations to their priceless works of art, both in house and through associated events, means quite a lot to us here at BES Films. It is an honor to be able to create an alternate avenue of expression for these wonderfully talented artists whom are exhibited within the museum walls, and do so in a way that allows the museum’s faithful audiences, as well as the extended audiences of the internet community, immediate interactive access to what the Bass Museum has to offer. We hope that this venture leads to a more engaged and active artistic community here in Miami, while also allowing other communities to see what this beautiful city has to offer in the art forefront. Please visit our industry partner’s site and explore what opportunities may be available to you as a local member of the Miami art community.


As we promised in last week’s post, we would be releasing the Beats After Sunset promo this week for the viewing pleasures of our internet audience. We cannot imagine a more appropriate way to wrap such a great announcement, so without further ado, here is the Beats Promo. Make sure to check it out and plan to attend next month’s event; the coolest addition to your Friday night. If you like what you see please make sure to show your appreciation by contributing to our coffee fund! We hope to see you there.


Please head over to the Bass Museum Facebook and Twitter pages and let them know what you think about their Beats After Sunset Promo. As always make sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter in order to keep up with all the upcoming news and events.