Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015

Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015

BES Films has been steadily expanding it’s professional catalog of promotional content by reaching into new and exciting industries to highlight interesting players in the Miami demographic. Our past collaborations have been very art centric with mini documentaries and promos for local rising artists and Miami based museums. Recently we’ve launched a brand new culinary web series with one of Miami’s finest foodies and catering / events production specialists, Yaniv Cohen.

As a production company however we’ve been itching to dive into a new sphere that blends both the artistic and lifestyle elements of these collaborations. A couple months ago we finally got that opportunity with our first ever full production campaign in the world of fashion.

Image of Sebastien James Spring Summer Campaign leather selection as filmed by BES Films

BES Films received the call from local Miami based men’s fashion designer Sebastien James to collaborate and bring to life their 2015 Spring Summer Campaign. The men’s line founded by Sebastien Scemla is fiercely based on the principles of quality and attention to detail. With roots in international european fashion, the line uses its worldly influence and adapts it to fit the contemporary American man.

BES Films co-founder Darian Faroy received the opportunity to film this campaign with a developed sense of experiences based in the fashion industry. A semi-professional fashion aficionado with experience working in retail with Etro as well as modeling experience with the Ford modeling agency; Faroy was keenly positioned to take the Directorial role for this 2015 Spring Summer Campaign.

BES Films Co-Founders Darian Faroy and Raymond Linares locking in the shot for the SPring Summer 2015 Campaign for Sebastien James

The BES Films team set to task in shaping images that matched the quality of production displayed in the Spring Summer Campaign. With that at the forefront of the strategy for filming, BES Films cinematographer Raymond Linares selected RED Digital Cinema as camera platform of choice, and turned to one of Miami’s legendary DP’s Egon Stephon Jr & Cinevideotech to provide a fully kitted RED Epic package. Complete with Arri-Vari primes and some of the finest camera grip gear available, Linares lensed this stunning campaign shoot in full 4-5k imagery with high frame rate capture, delivering on the promise of top notch quality deserved by this campaign.

BES Films co Founder and Lead Cinematographer Raymond Linares mans a fully kitted RED Epic shooting 5k images for the Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015 Campaign Video

On Instagram and Facebook we released some images of the BES Films founders on location in beautiful Islamorada during the catalog shoot. Partnered with the team from MRKT, the group focused the weekend’s production on catching and accenting the details that make this local designer’s work special. From two solid days of filming under their belt BES Films was able to deliver quite a bit of content for the campaign, including a brand interview video with founder Sebastien Scemla as well as a lifestyle campaign video set to be released in the coming weeks. The campaign video has already seen light to very positive reviews during live reveals of the campaign at major fashion trade shows in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas earlier in the year.

BES Films On location working with campaign models for the 2015 Spring Summer Campaign Video Shoot for Sebastien james

Keep connected with us on Instagram and Facebook as we release sneak peaks of the upcoming campaign video and to keep up to date with the latest on this exciting project collaboration.


Earlier this week we announced the release of a new project. One where we collaborated with a blossoming artist from Wynwood and created a truly organic and local experience which we are very proud of.

A scene from "GG" the official promo for taken from the rooftop of his Wynwood studio shot by BES Films lead cinematographer Raymond Linares

Interview on the rooftop of GG’s studio

“GG” came together in a very interesting way for us. Our social saucier, Melissa Gomez, happened to have a meeting with Gabriel Gimenez regarding a location for an unrelated project. Through their conversations the subject of BES Films came up. GG, intrigued by our visual style and one of Juan Amaya’s short films, decided to pay us a visit at our RAW showcase.
At that event he got to see a broader breath of what BES Films was capable of and offered us the opportunity to collaborate with him on a visual project focused on his work. The rest of course is history, but some history that we’re quite proud of.
Scene from "GG" the official promo for featuring Fado, the main character drawn by Gabriel Gimenez. Brought to you by BES Films
Our co-founder and lead cinematographer, Raymond Linares, had this to say about the project:
“‘GG’ is a very exploratory project for us. We’ve never shot a piece on a subject that we didn’t completely know before. We were getting to know him with every shoot we scheduled, getting a more intimate understanding each time. Each shoot would inform the next, with new ideas coming all the time. I think it’s the most visually balanced project we’ve ever done at BES Films.”
We’ve released some cool content already teasing the project, including a special trailer video made just for instagram. The trailer got some nice attention on IG, even garnering a “Looks awesome” from local tv personality and Deco Drive host Louis Aguirre. All this lead up to our premiere showcase held in the heart of Wynwood.
An image from "GG" the official video promo for featuring Gabriel Gimenez in Men's Vogue brought to you by BES Films

Men’s Vogue spread on GG

Last night, at the LAB Miami, we had the privilege of unveiling and premiering “GG” as a part of The Lab’s monthly installment “Wynwood Wyndows”. Wynwood Wyndows showcases local artists and provides a platform for exposure and sales of curated works. GG’s event was already being held at the venue and seemed the obvious location and time to unveil this never before seen work.
In front of an audience of artists, film enthusiasts and members of the local community, GG and BES Films presented the project for the first time. They spoke about what made this special, and how collaborating with other artists can really become a gratifying and rewarding experience. That beyond the fact that this piece promotes GG’s work further, it exemplifies what makes Wynwood and this local art scene so great, and that this cooperative effort is a testament to what hard work and vision can do to propel everyone forward.
A scene taken from "GG" the official promo fo featuring Gabriel Gimenez hard at work in Wynwood as shot by BES Films lead cinematographer Raymond Linares
This message hits very close to home and it feels great to create art in a way that reminds us of our mission. To further the infrastructure of the independent production scene here in Miami; while providing an outlet for artists to work and further their careers here.
Without further ado I present to you “GG”.
A scene taken from "GG" the official promo for featuring Gabriel Gimenez shot by BES Films lead cinematographer Raymond Linares

GG from BES Films on Vimeo.

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GG: Coming Soon

BES Films is proud to announce our most dynamic and exciting collaboration to date… GG.
This, the latest BES Films project, is an in depth and intimate look at the rising and prolific artist, Gabriel Gimenez. For those unfamiliar with GG’s work, he is a Miami native of Venezuelan decent, doing some very special work all throughout our great city. A member of the talented fleet of artists coming out of Wynwood, GG has showcased his work in New York, LA, Miami and South America and was recently featured in Men’s Vogue.
We will be holding a special event screening this Thursday at the Lab Miami at 7pm. This event is open to the public and we encourage your attendance. GG will have a select number of his original pieces on display and the night will cap with the unveiling of his official promo.
We are honored to have worked with such a talented member of this local artistic community and can’t wait to bring this finished work to our audiences.
Stay tuned for upcoming info and posts across our Facebook, Twitter and especially instagram :).
Teaser Image for the release of the official promo for rising Venezuelan Miami based artist Gabriel Gimenez as produced by Miami Independent Production Company BES Films

There Is No Plan B: BES Films on 20some

These past few weeks have been quite busy for us here at BES Films. We’ve been preparing and releasing some new content for audiences including our BESColors series of color graded images. Besides our busy creative schedules we’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some important people, locally and nationally, within our industry and the media. Among those meetings was a pleasant sit-down with is a growing Millenial hub for news, lifestyle, culture and happenings. All created by, for and about the most creative and interesting 20some’s around. The site is growing rapidly and has gained a lot of popularity in its short time as an active resource for Millenial readers. BES Films co-founders Raymond Linares and Darian Faroy took the opportunity late last week to sit down with their local Miami contributor in order to discuss some of the cool things going on here with BES Films.

BES Films co-foudners Raymond Linares & Darian Faroy featured on

BES Films co-foudners Raymond Linares & Darian Faroy

Raymond is 25 and Darian is 28, ripe 20somethings who have embraced an opportunity to circumvent the studio system and adopt and exploit what feels like the most empowering feature that young people have: the internet and social media. Essentially, they are trying to deliver short format content and redefine the standard movie experience. Considering all the distractions of watching a movie in a theatre, these things can take away from the cinematic experience altogether. BES Films wants to be able to give people their most precious commodity back: time and money. They want to produce content that is in short format and give people control over the viewing experience. By doing so, they say they feel that they could enrich viewers lives and reach people around the world with what they are producing. As opposed to leaving to New York or L.A., they want people to stay here (in Miami). The ultimate goal for BES Films is to make the city of Miami a home for independent film production.

The article goes on to cover some pretty interesting information including what projects we have going on currently, who we’d like to collaborate with and even some advice for new and upcoming filmmakers breaking into the industry.

Darian: “Never stop upping your skill level. You can get obsolete very fast. Research and find out what you can offer the world.”
Raymond: “Complement the strengths and weaknesses of someone you can work with. Know that you will go through hell and high water for them.”


For the full coverage, check out the article posted on their site. Let us know what you think on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Keep on the look out for new content coming very soon including the next installment of the BESColors series!

BES Films goes RAW! Artists MIA

If you’ve been active on our social media pages these past few weeks you may have noticed that we were preparing for a big showcase. In fact our first ever showcase. Needless to say we were pretty excited. The event themed “Marvel”was organized by RAW Artists MIA, and we are happy to report that it was a big success.

If you’ve never heard of RAW Artists, and are into underground artists then you should really check them out. RAW is an international organization with roots in Australia, Canada and the United States. Throughout the year each satellite city in the RAW Artist map curates and showcases the works of local artists from many different genres of art. Spanning music, fashion, makeup, still photography and of course film, these events serve as a platform for unknown or blossoming artists to showcase and network amongst the local artistic community.

With the backdrop of the beautiful LMNT Elementi art gallery, production studio and event locale, Marvel was poised to impress with some of the most beautiful still, motion and performing arts presentations available in the city of Miami. BES Films did not go un-prepared as we brought with us what we felt was the most fitting project we could imagine to offer the evening. That of course was the un-released, and never before seen photo-mosaic on the magic city, “Miami Dreams”. This project which to date has over 40 hours of capture time behind camera, is a first of its kind. A look at the spectrum of environment, city, culture and events that define Miami, Miami Dreams looks to paint a portrait of all the things that locals love about the city. Shedding light on all that we have to offer, not just what tourists see on ocean drive.

Thanks to our lovely hosts, we were able to project our film on the walls of LMNT for all guests to see. The response was amazing and we were happy to lay the foundation for this project with such a warm reception. The future looks bright for Miami Dreams.
That was not the only ace we had up our sleeves however. Being true to our ideals and goals of providing content for our audiences to watch in familiar and comfortable environments, BES Films set a new trend for how filmmakers will be portraying work at future RAW Artists MIA events. If you know us, then you know that we are all about giving viewers access to our work and allowing them the opportunity to enjoy our films and work quickly. So we applied that same philosophy to our setup. With an apple bar approach, we setup several iMacs, macbook pro’s, an iPad and a big screen TV all of which were stocked with some of our most captivating works. Audiences got to sit down and view our Cinematography Reel, Presents, Night Fables, the Delivery, and several promos amongst other projects.
The great part about this setup for us, was multifaceted.

* Giving people the chance to experience our projects on a one on one basis
* Allowed for open discussion and interaction with new viewers and fans
* Getting feedback from casual audiences and artists in real time
* Discussing people’s experiences and reactions to the projects.
* Making intimate connections and building relationships on a grassroots level
* Giving people a chance to get to know the people behind the logo.
* Building the brand and image of BES Films.

We definitely took a lot from the experience and look to apply the lessons we learned at this event at future showcases. That includes a future RAW showcase somewhere in the world… Perhaps BES Films will go international within a year!
Special Thanks to LAVISH event rentals for helping us make our space extra chic. To Melissa Hernandez for accommodating us so fully with our space and vision. LMNT Elementi for hosting such a great event. And final special thanks to the event host Grace Munoz for wonderful interviews and coverage during the event! Event photos taken by Jesse Meadows

We had a fun time mingling with all the artists and talented people in attendance. Check out the RAW Facebook album for images from the event. We’ll leave you with a few of our favorites :).

BES Films showcase at RAW Artists MIA BES Films showcase at RAW Artists MIA BES Films showcase at RAW Artists MIA BES Films showcase at RAW Artists MIA BES Films showcase at RAW Artists MIA Miami Dreams










BES Films founders gather around BES Films banner at RAW Artists MIA Marvel showcase.

Behold Miami Dreams

Behold #MIAMIDREAMS. Just when you thought Miami couldn’t get any prettier, BES Films undertakes a dynamic photographic mosaic on the Magic City. We’re announcing our first Ultra-HD 4K resolution project documenting the beauty and wonder that is Miami.
This project which to date has over 40 hours of capture time behind camera, is a first of its kind for this city. A look at the spectrum of environment, city, culture and events that define Miami, Miami Dreams looks to paint a portrait of all the things that locals love about the city. Shedding light on all that we have to offer, not just what tourists see on ocean drive.
Miami Dreams is an extremely beautiful and technical project, compiling varying aspects of film-making technique including…


Timelapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing.


A technique by which frames are captured at a high rate of speed giving the effect of slow motion movement when played back at the common frame rates for film viewing (24fps / 30fps / 48fps). Considered the opposite of Timelapse.

4K Image Capture

The capture of ultra-hd, high resolution motion picture images. Using advance camera and sensor technology to capture the highest fidelity image possible. Allows for the extended validity and “future proofing” of the project. Ensuring that this project will be viably distributed in current distribution platforms of standard HD as well as the emerging technology of 4K home distribution.
Make sure to follow us on Facebook, twitter and instagram to keep up to date with all the breaking news with the release of #MIAMIDREAMS!
Title image for BES Films' Miami Timelapse photomosaic project titled Miami Dreams