BES Films 2.0 Launch

BES Films 2.0 Launch

BES Films 2.0 Launch






Hello BES Films friends and fans! Let me be the first to officially welcome you to the new and very much improved BES Films website & Blog.

We’ve had a pretty lengthy break since our last blog post. As filmmakers, artists and entrepreneurs we’ve been constantly working on and serving new clients with great images and projects. As such our own online needs took a back seat due to time constraints and our focus being placed primarily on the work being created for our clients. During that time we’ve established a wide array of new projects to add to our reel and also made some key upgrades to our production and editing infrastructure. More on that in a later post.

BES Films web banner video shot on the URSA Mini 4.6 k by cinematographer Raymond Linares in Alaska

BES Films web banner video featured at

Image provided by BES Films.

The time away turned out to be a much needed stretch of work becuase it gave us a bigger scope of who we are as a company and how we can creatively and artisticaly service clients in many various genres and fields of work. It also gave us the platform of work to stand on in order to properly market ourselves as a business and serious content creation provider here in the South Florida arena. Our previous site iteration was more of a portfolio and blog showing our creative direction and stylings as filmmakers but missing the mark on what we were capable of doing service wise for companies and collaborators. Being the product of our time in film school, the site was due for a big overhaul.

“It gave us the platform of work to stand on in order to properly market ourselves as a business and serious content creation provider here in the South Florida arena.”

And now we’ve done just that. As you familiarize yourself with the new website you’ll be able to see at a glance who we are, the projects we’ve been working on and what services we’re capable of providing to clients and collaborators. Want to see some of our most recent work? Go to the Projects page. Want to learn more about our services and offerings, simply visit our Services page. The About page will introduce you to our team, our goals, and some of our past accolades. Everything you need to know and learn about BES Films is here in a simple easy to use and mobile optimized platform.

In essence we were finally able to treat ourselves the way we do our clients, being 100% mindful of who we are as a brand and business by presenting our content piece by piece to showcase our aesthetic, mission and presence as creators.

Image captured from the Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015 Campaign filmed by Miami Film Production Company BES Films
Arri Light Kit image captured by Miami Film Production Company BES Films
BES Films Logo connect button for Miami Film Production Company BES Films

Written By: Raymond Linares
BES Films co-Founder

Images by BES Films

We’re very proud of the new site and hope you enjoy the experience fully on your desktop and mobile devices. We have plans to further expand the site in the coming months giving users cool and engaging ways to connect with new content and service offerings. We hope you subscribe to the blog and follow along as we continue to grow and deliver bigger and better projects. We have some exciting things brewing and hope you enjoy the news and images along the way. For now we’ll leave you with a little visual sampling from our home page web video showcasing some recent project images.

As always follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the coolest and the latest. Have a great day and see you next time.

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Every year Art Basel comes to town and with it comes a huge influx and attention towards international art. Miami plays host to this, probably most lucrative weekend in the calendar year for artists and the city alike and sees visitors flock to our hallowed art hubs...

Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015

BES Films has been steadily expanding it’s professional catalog of promotional content by reaching into new and exciting industries to highlight interesting players in the Miami demographic. Our past collaborations have been very art centric with mini...

BES Amigos in Puerto Rico

As creatives and filmmakers it’s become increasingly important to always keep in mind the importance of how life influences and informs our decision making when putting together a film. The creative process is so closely connected to the state of mind of the filmmaker and creative leads of a project that making sure they are in a good state of mind becomes almost as important as allowing them the freedom to do their work. As 2013 came to a close we looked back at all the great projects and connections that came from it and began to prepare for the projects that are coming in 2014. And by prepare we mean have fun.
BES Films co-founder Darian Faroy with some Amigos in Puerto Rico
Last year was a serious grind with a lot of hard work going into the further development of our portfolio and public image. We are so grateful for all the beautiful people we met, projects we made and connections that have sprouted from those projects. That being said though, the work load really took a serious toll; most of all on our co-founders and fearless leaders. December could have been another month of non-stop work and the tackling of deadlines, but for sanity’s sake, BES Films took a much deserved “break” and enjoyed the holiday season with friends and family.
One of the BES Amigos in Puerto Rico having fun
A highlight of which included our most recent release, the fun filled Surf trip adventure that is “BES Amigos in Puerto Rico”. Two of our own, co-founder Darian Faroy and lead engineer and musician Michael Enriquez, put together an epic week long adventure with some of the BES Amigos into the paradise that is “La Isla Del Encanto”. An escape and exploration of all things that make partnerships life lasting and meaningful; brotherhood, adventure, boy bands and of course surfing :).
BES Amigo and Lead Engineer Michael Enriquez catching some waves on the surf of Puerto Rico
Spanning some of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful locale’s the BES Amigos landed in San Juan, traveled to Aguadilla, explored Wilderness Beach, Playa Jobos and Gozalandia to name a few. Each venue providing it’s own source of memories, inspiration and offerings for pure enjoyment and bliss. The trip and now finished film encapsulates that ideal, that no matter what the turmoils and hectic demands of life bring, friends, family and experiences are what life’s value is really all about.
BES Films co-founder Darian Faroy taking an underwater selfie in the tropical waters of Puerto Rico
We’re so excited about the reception we’ve received about this honestly fun project. The video now nearing a thousand views on both Vimeo and Youtube thanks in large part to “The Film Artist” and Ben of the Vimeo community for adding it to their respective channels. Something that was just supposed to be some moments captured has really taken on a life of it’s own. Our audiences have been so gracious with their praise. It’s the best part of sharing these films and experiences with the people we care about most, our fans. So with that said, and as we plow into the release of our upcoming “PAMM” project, we give you “BES Amigos in Puerto Rico”!
Enjoy and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more images and posts about all the fun :). #besamigospr

BES Amigos in Puerto Rico from BES Films on Vimeo.

BES Announces Latest Project: “PAMM”

If you happened to glance at our Instagram, Facebook and twitter feed last week then you may have noticed a little announcement made here by the BES Films studio.
“For most people last weekend, Art Basel meant graffiti murals, parties, and great music. For us at BES Films, it was all about construction hats, interviews, and all things #PAMM
Our most recent collaboration is now on the verge of being released and we are extremely excited about what this all means, both for us and for the city of Miami. So excited that we’re bringing you inside the fold, and introducing all the moving pieces that are making this mini-documentary happen.
The Producer: Louis Aguirre

Louis Aguirre head host of Decco Drive discusses with BES Films founders Raymond Linares and Darian Faroy his vision for the shoot of the Perez Art Museum Miami Documentary before Art Basel

Louis Aguirre Explains his vision for PAMM

Many of our Miami natives are quite familiar with this prominent figure in Miami television; Louis Aguirre, co-host of Deco Drive. This gentleman has a long and storied career in Television and Film ranging from network broadcast, to commercial and film acting, special segment hosts across several networks and of course his role as the figure head of Deco Drive. In recent times Louis has looked to expand his involvements in the arts and connect on a more creative level with the pulse of this amazingly diverse and rich city of ours. His mission has spawned the launch of his own Miami centric web-blog “Louis List”.
As a close acquaintance of ours, and an active member in the Miami Art scene, Aguirre came across our most recently released project depicting the artistic stylings and passion of Miami Artists Gabriel Gimenez titled “GG”. Impressed and moved by the vision and craft behind the piece, Louis reached out to BES Films co-founders Raymond Linares and Darian Faroy in order to present an idea for a project he had in mind. Something that would be a calling card for the city and that would set the precedent for how film and art in Miami can represent and bolster one another.
Hearing about Louis’ vision for the project really humbled and motivated us as filmmakers because it struck a chord so close to home. This studio is about one thing above all else, and that is to provide content for audiences that helps build the infrastructure for creatives here. Promoting this city and this art scene is at the core of what we do. And being offered an opportunity to shoot the first mini-doc on PAMM was a real honor for us.
Louis Aguirre and BES Films co-founder Darian Faroy discuss the plans for the shoot of the upcoming PAMM documentary shot before Art Basel

Louis Aguirre and BES Films Co-founder Darian Faroy Discuss PAMM

With the approval, and the influential efforts of Louis on our side, BES Films was granted access, behind the scenes to the quickly oscilating and finalizing pieces of the Perez Art Museum Miami. All around us we were surrounded by and given access to some of the most influential art professionals in the world. Among them include…
Ai WeiWei leads the PAMM exhibition series as the first lead showcase of the museum. This socially significant Chinese artist focuses his art and message on the elements of human freedom and sovereignty. Famous for his rallying against the injustices of Communist China, Ai was prevented from leaving his country in 2010 to present the Nobel Peace prize to a fellow dissident Liu Xiabo, and subsequently imprisoned by his government before being released nearly three months later. He currently resides in China and is unable to leave his country after his passport was revoked. His impressive and moving artwork lines the PAMM showrooms in the “Ai WeiWei: According to What exhibit” present in the museum until March 16, 2014. We sit with his chief curator and discuss Ai’s work, influence and message as an artist.
An art piece installation at the PAMM exhibit of Ai Weiwei: According to What featured in the BES Films mini documentary PAMM

Ai Weiwei installation at PAMM

Jedd Novatt:
American born, Paris based sculptor Jedd Novatt is known for his dynamic, minimalist designs. His massive sculptures, made usually of wielded steel or bronze, line the sculpture garden on the perimeter of the PAMM. Beautiful, intricate and powerful, his contribution is a powerful addition to the atmosphere and experience of the Perez Art Museum.
BES Films co-founder Raymond Linares filming Jedd Novatt during the installation of one of his sculptures at the Perez Art Museum

BES Films co-founder Raymond Linares filming Jedd Novatt


Co-founder of BES Films Darian Faroy films the hanging installation of a Jedd Novatt Sculpture outside the Perez Art Museum Miami during construction before Art Basel

co-founder Darian Faroy filming the installation of Jedd Novatt sculpture

Patrick Blanc:
Famed French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc contributes a wonderful and breathtaking addition to the exterior of the Perez Art Museum with his patented vertical gardens. Set as an homage to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, this luscious overhang consists of hanging, self watering pillars comprised of hundreds of species of different plants. These gardens serve as a touch of life and vibrancy amongst the modern and beautifully industrial design of the Herzog & de Meuron architecture of PAMM.
Patrick Banc discusses his installation of hanging gardens at the Perez Art Museum Miami as produced by Louis Aguirre and BES Films

Patrick Blanc interviewed by Louis Aguirre

Thom Collins is the director of the giant project that is PAMM. Dealt the responsibility of keeping the project on schedule and under budget, Thom walks us through the creation of PAMM and gives us an intimate look as to how something like this is born.
Thom Collins Director of Perez Art Museum Miami as featured in the Mini documentary shot by BES Films and produced by Louis Aguirre before Art Basel

Thom Collins Director of PAMM Photo Courtesy of Bill Kearney

Jorge M Perez, the iconic Cuban entrepreneur and real estate developer sits down with BES Films and discusses his role as chief financier and developer of the museum carrying his name sake. With over $35 million dollars in cash and artwork donated to the Museum, Perez talks about his vision for the future of Miami and what it means for the city now to have the PAMM become a reality.
Louis Aguirre and BES Films interview Jorge Perez for the upcoming Perez Art Museum Miami mini documentary before Art Basel

Jorge Perez Interview at the Perez Estate


BES Films co-founders Darian Faroy and Raymond Linares make final camera Adjustments before shooting interview with Jorge Perez for the PAMM documentary as produced by Louis Aguirre

co-founders Faroy and Linares make final adjustments before Perez Interview

This establishment is a giant leap forward for the city of Miami. One that embraces art and puts it at the epicenter of the city’s business and tourism sector. Nestled beautifully between the American Airlines Arena and the Adrienne Arscht Center, the PAMM is a signal of Miami’s growing dedication to art, and it’s cementing as a leader in the art industry world wide. We are very excited for what this project marks for us, as it’s a linchpin in our development as a major player in the entertainment industry of Miami.
This project marks the first in a series of collaborations between BES Films and Louis Aguirre. Together with his site Louis’ list, we will be able to roll out an array of projects in 2014 covering and showcasing the beauty, excellence and scale of what Miami is becoming. And behind all of that we have some very exciting and very promising announcements indeed.
We hope you are just as excited as we are and we can’t wait to take you on the journey that is PAMM!
Until then Merry Christmas, and a happy holidays to you from the BES Films Studio.
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Color Me If You Want to Live

Yesterday we announced the second image in our ongoing color series BESColors. The image was posted and we were quite certain that more than a few of our faithful fans would be quick to find the answer as to which movie we were emulating. Of course the movie-geeks did not dissapoint.
Our Facebook post on the image really got some great guesses and predictions going on what the answer was. It was great to see our audience engaging so quickly on this and even better to see them get the answer correct. Of course we couldn’t just reveal the answer right away. Where’s the fun in that?! :).
First lets go through the raw image capture vs the colored image. The original image was captured using the Magic Lantern RAW Video function on the Canon 5D Mark II. We shot at f4 at 800 ISO using the 24-105 L series lens by Canon. In the first installment of the BESColors series, we noticed some enhanced artifacting and aliasing coming through because of the CMOS sensor. This issue is common in DSLR’s and seems to be extra sensitive on the RAW video function of the Mark II. Thankfully, we are able to combat this issue using the Mosaic Engineering anti-aliasing filter for the 5D. This filter is an absolute winner and a must have for professional use with the Mark II. The highlight detail was retained throughout and no aliasing can be seen at all, even at the far end of the image which is where most the camera tends to be unable to resolve the fine details.
Our white balance was set to fluorescent and gave us the initial green tint you see pictured below. Of course working with RAW makes this very flexible in post and was easily pushed into the world of blue that you see in the finished image. We colored in Lightroom, and Magic Bullet through After Effects to get the finished look we wanted for this image.

BESColors 2 image showing the RAW image capture compared to the final color graded image.

RAW Image vs Color Graded Image

Without any further ado! By now you may have guessed that the correct movie reference for this #BESColors image is none other than Terminator 2. We are big action buffs and this scene in particular holds strong for us in the annuls of film history :). Congratulations to those of you who guessed correctly on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts throughout the day yesterday. If you want to follow along in this fun and growing color series make sure to check the #BESColors threads on our social media outlets.

Comparison between color palettes of Terminator 2 garage scene and BES Films shot and color graded image of Miami Parking Garage

Terminator 2 Garage Scene vs BESColors Series 2 Image

We’re looking forward to the next installment and planning the next shoot. We’ll keep you posted when the next one is released. For information regarding our color grading services, email us at

Laura of Miami: Vamos a La Playa

For those of you who have been a part of the Miami music scene for any stretch of time, you will most likely know the voice and radio personality that is Laura of Miami. For the past 4 years, Laura of Miami has played an integral part in providing audiences with the funky and very groovy sounds of electronic disco and house music on an International level. Her show, Vamos a La Playa, has reached much fame and notoriety while broadcasting on the WVUM radio station and is now making a landmark switch to the online radio world at


Very recently, BES Films had the pleasure of being with Laura in the studio during her send off broadcast at WVUM. We got to engage in some pretty interesting conversations regarding music, art, and the future for Miami creatives as a whole. Being big fans of her music as it is, it was a pleasure to find out that her views on the Miami local art and entertainment scene align so directly with our own. It was a privilege to witness this final chapter in a great four year run at WVUM, as well as the beginning of a new and exciting transition to Bolder and groovier things await Ms. of Miami with the continued work and launch of her new label/website


Stay tuned for complete coverage regarding the Vamos a La Playa switch to Wynwood Radio as well as a behind the scenes look at the new station alongside a complete interview with Laura of Miami.


The very last airing of Vamos a La Playa was recorded and is available for streaming and download here.


As always make sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter for continued updates!


Laura of Miami on Vamos a La Playa

BES Films Covers Laura of Miami's Final broadcast of Vamos a La Playa at WVUM


Laura of Miami's Vamos a La Playa moving to