I'm interested in creating a project... What do I do now?

Perfect! We’re happy to meet with you and discuss your project further. Send an email to info@besfilms.com with the subject line “New Project Inquiry”, give us your project details and we’ll make sure to respond with our insight and schedule a conversation or meeting. Do you enjoy coffee?

Do You Travel?

Definitely! BES Films services clients everywhere. Our regular clientele ranges all over the state of Florida covering the major cities of Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Miami. We’ve also done professional work as far north and west as Alaska and in the Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico. If you’d like to inquire about having BES Films produce content for you that includes travel just send us a New Project Inquiry to info@besfilms.com

How long does it take to deliver a finished edit?

On average it takes 2-4 weeks of post production time. Within that time we go through the edit, color correction, sound design, graphics and finished polish or mastering of the project. If a project requires more tender love and care then we’ll address that with the client as needed in order to achieve the desired creative elements that fit the project. Our goal is to ensure every frame and detail meets our standards and the standards of our clients before we release.

Do you do weddings?

We do! Our weddings are as much films for us as any other project. We love to dive into stories and flesh out the ideas and visuals that make a couple unique and deliver cinematic visual adventures that do the day and occasion justice. If you haven’t seen some of our previous wedding work then visit our projects page for more details!

How do you normally accept Payment? Is there a Payment Schedule?

We accept all major forms of payment including cash, check, credit card and weeklong caribbean cruises. We provide convenient digital invoices that allow you to process your payment online. If you choose to process payment this way please note a 3% service fee is adjusted in the invoice.

We normally accept a deposit of 50% in order to secure a project, followed by 50% prior to the first day of principle photography. Once filming is complete we begin the post production process and deliver the finished product when complete. If any aggregate expenses were had due to client demand, a final adjusted invoice will be sent to the client accordingly.

Are you 4K capable?

Yes! BES Films is fully 4K capable in house. Our cinema camera package allows us to capture, edit and deliver full 4k imagery for clients needing high resolution content for show rooms, in store showcases, presentations or event projections. For your convenience you receive a 4K & HD deliverable when booking a 4K project.

Do you provide photography services as well?

Yes! BES works with an extensive network of creatives including photographers. If we’re busy filming your project then we can definitely provide an on set photographer to enhance your branding power and leverage your day of production even further. We like to recommend a photography package with your brand promo to ensure months worth of content for your social media and print needs.

I'm an investor looking to fund artistic projects. Does BES have any?

We do! Music videos, short films, and creative pieces are at the heart of what we do. We have a list of projects ready to be funded. If you’d like to produce one of them or have a project of your own contact one of our founders at info@besfilms.com.

Have Anymore Questions?

Contact Us and We'll be Happy to answer any inquiries.