Antillean Marine



Client: Antillean Marine

Established in the 1960s and operating internationally, the Antillean Marine Shipping Corporation is the largest shipping line operating out of the Miami River, and for the purposes of marketing and documenting, this family owned business set out to update their image by photographing one of their ships en route to its destination. Antillean Marine’s “Mambo” Liner was setting sail from inland Miami via South Beach’s Government Cut passageway out towards the Antlantic, and before it hit the high seas, BES Films was hired by the shipping corp to capture the shipping vessel on departure . Scheduling and coordinating with Mambo’s voyage times and dates for the best shot possible, BES Films’ aerial photographers were able to grab a visual moment in time of their international operations.


The BES Films Aerial division to the skies and to the sea to capture these beautiful images for our client. Securing a helicopter for our trip away from the mainland, and coordinating with the ship’s sailing schedule, we were able to find an optimal time and flight path to capture these awesome photos for Antillean marine. Using advanced camera and lens technology we were able to ensure the highest quality image for our client’s finished deliverables.

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