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Client: AE District Miami

The AE District Miami, as part of the Canvas Miami project, was undergoing a full marketing launch as the project and area was continuing to grow and develop. As part of their web content and visual marketing needs, the client hired BES Films to capture some key images that showcase the vibrancy and energy of the day and nightlife of AE District Miami. Showcased as two separate videos, day and night, this content actively plays on the AE District Miami website as their official background video. See below for the day and night time versions or visit



Combining creative HD filming techniques, blended with timelapse image capture, BES Films was able to create some interesting and highly visual images of the AE District Miami. This production features a daytime capture and night time capture session which was used as a creative output for the website. Visit day or night for the varying clips featured below.

Post Production

This project was created specifically with the client’s website background video experience in mind. The BES Films editing team edited and colored each of the video and timelapse sequences and exported a compressed web video format file delivered directly to the website designers. This file format integrated perfectly with their website design and allows our client to immediately engage with their online audiences visually.

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