Central Florida Babe Ruth Buddy Ball Baseball Logo filmed and produced by BES Films

The Conductor’s Spellbook

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BES Films Produced instagram web series titled Hijack Basel featuring miami based street artists, muralists, grafiti, graphic and commercial artists, Gamson, Didi Contreras, GG Artworks, Nate Dee, Kazilla, 8 Bit Lexicon, Yuri Tuma, Mijares, Enrique Machado, Brian Butler


Every year Art Basel comes to town and with it comes a huge influx and attention towards international art. Miami plays host to this, probably most lucrative weekend in the calendar year for artists and the city alike and sees visitors flock to our hallowed art hubs...
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Sebastien James Blog Post Title Card featuring images from the Spring Summer Campaign of the 2015 Sebastien James Catalogue showcasing brand new leather jackets by Sebastien James in Miami Florida and Key Largo Isla Morada

Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015

BES Films has been steadily expanding it’s professional catalog of promotional content by reaching into new and exciting industries to highlight interesting players in the Miami demographic. Our past collaborations have been very art centric with mini...
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El Anatsui Gravity and Grace installation at the BASS Museum of Art in Miami Beach Florida shot by BES Films founders Raymond Linares and Darian Faroy

Monumental Paper Chain

As one of our favorite venues in south florida, the BASS Museum of Art has played host to some amazing art and event installations within it’s walls. We’ve been very fortunate within that time to have been repeatedly invited to capture and portray those...
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Title Image for AFI Award Winning Film "Kahayatle: A Journey of Everglades Restoration" Filmed, co-produced, directed and Shot by BES Films, Miami Based Film Production Company

Kahayatle Claims First Festival Prize: Judges Choice SWAIA!

In our last blog post we announced that our collaboration with the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida “Kahayatle: A Journey of Everglades Restoration” was going out into the festival circuit. The narrative short film produced by the Miccosukee Tribe, Directed by...
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BES Films Captures images in the Everglades on an Airboat scene for the AFI Award winning film Kahayatle: A Journey of Everglades Restoration Shot, Produced, Directed and Edited by Miami Film Production Company BES Films

Kahayatle Goes to Festival!

A while ago we hinted that BES Films was putting together a special narrative short film with the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida. That project was focused around a journey into the everglades and the story of a tribe Matriarch, “Reneé” and how she...
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Banner photo for The Spice Detective Blog launch on BES Films

BES Films Gets Spicy! Meet The Spice Detective

Have you ever wondered what a cooking show produced by BES Films would look like? Well wonder no more. Today we are very proud to announce the release of our very first Cooking Show & Web Series; The Spice Detective!.     Over the past couple of months,...
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BES Films Gets its Wings

Last week we announced that BES Films was taking to the skies through their partnership with Faroy Aerial Projects. Recently we released a continuation of our voyage into the atmosphere.   Our lead engineer and musician extraordinaire Michael Enriquez, is now...
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BES Films Takes to the Skies

There’s a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes here at BES Films Studios. One of those things we are very excited to announce today. As we move into the expansion of our capabilities as a film studio, we are so happy to announce the partnership of...
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