The Spice Detective Logo filmed and produced by BES Films for Season 1 2 and 3

Client: Sebastien James

The Sebastien James Brand hired BES Films to capture their Spring Summer Collection Campaign video during the catalogue shoot for the season roll out. BES Films joined the production photography crew on location in Isla Morada to film over two days. The BES production team worked in unison with the photography team, models, staff and marketing personnel to direct and capture the highest quality images for the brand promotion. The finished product is the stunning 2015 campaign delivered fully in 4k for online and in store display.

BES Films on location filming the Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015 Campaign Video using the RED Epic 4k 5k 6k 8k Cinema Camera Package From Miami Production Company BES Films using Arri Lenses

Creative Outline

From the first meeting with our client, we worked closely with brand directors and creative leads to gather as much input, reference and direction regarding the overall aesthetic for the project. From there we conceptualized, planned and executed every shot and image captured for the campaign resulting in the movement, mood and overall style of this awesome brand campaign.


The BES Films team provided full production support for our client by working closely with the talent on set, scheduling shoots in unison with the photography team and taking full advantage of our beautiful location in an effective and efficient manner. The result is the stunning visuals captured over two days for their fashion promo.

Post Production

Color correction and editing services really shine in this wonderful production. BES Films colored and gave a unique aesthetic to every video deliverable for our clients and audience enjoyment. Combining animated graphics and brand logos with expert editing and placement of high resolution film content, the overall experience is one of a cinema quality fashion commercial delivered to the online and convention floor viewership.

Social Media

Instagram being a preferred content delivery source for our client, we structured a full rollout of their content specifically for the interactive social media platform. Editing and exporting over 10 pieces of social content to grow and engage their audience for the duration of their campaign. We support our clients with re-shares and post interaction on our social media pages because we believe in our work and their success. We make sure to deliver content that’s perfectly suited to your platform of choice.


The Spice Detective Logo filmed and produced by BES Films for Season 1 2 and 3

Client: Sebastien James

The Sebastien James Brand Promo video dives deeper into who Sebastien James is as a designer, where he draws his inspiration, how the company focuses on quality and detail and delivers the finest product possible for it’s clients. This video was the second part of the campaign and was captured on location in Isla Morada during the Spring Summer 2015 campaign shoot. Shot in 5k resolution and delivered in HD and 4k, this promo highlights the overall structure and detail associated with the Miami based Sebastien James brand.

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