The Conductor’s Spellbook

Paul Dooley's The Conductor's Spellbook

Client: Paul Dooley

The Conductor’s Spellbook is an original orchestral work by composer and author Paul Dooley. The interactive concert is narrated and shares the story of a main character who discovers The Spellbook and brings the orchestras instruments to life. Students engage with the concert through magic spells and direction from the narrator leaving them with a fun and educational experience. Paul contacted the creatives at BES Films to capture his concert performance with the Naples Philharmonic in order to bring the concert to audiences and orchestras everywhere.

Student Audience member seated in the Daniels Pavillion of the Artis Naples watching a performance of The Conductor's Spellbook performed by the Naples Philharmonic written and composed by Paul Dooley and filmed by BES Films


BES Films traveled to Naples Florida and met with the event production staff from the Artis Naples Museum and performance center. By coordinating with project leads we were able to provide full production support for our client while integrating seamlessly with the event setup including sound, lighting, stage and orchestral crews to capture the concert performance in a beautiful 4k image quality.

Post Production

In post production the BES Films editing staff has captured and colored these stunning hi resolution concert images and delivered a fully edited promotional concept video used by the client to further promote his work to audiences and orchestras alike. With the best in post production equipment we’re able to deliver a finished project from HD up to 4K for online and in house viewing.



Understanding modern distribution and project development, BES Films is able to consult our client in creative ways to both outreach and deliver his content to alternative media sources and channels. Creating a unique shooting structure to meet the needs of the clients finished content and deliverables.

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