The Spice Detective Logo filmed and produced by BES Films for Season 1 2 and 3

Client: Yaniv Cohen – The Spice Detective

The Spice Detective was an on-going web series project delivered straight to Youtube for our client in support of their brand and blog. We worked with our client to create an all around aesthetic for his show and brand “The Spice Detective”. Creating 3 seasons worth of content, delivering over 20 episodes with full recipe videos and breakdown incorporating production and post production support. This content was used to build and support a comprehensive and informative presence through his site Below are a just a few of the services we provided for this production.

Creative Outline

From concept, through pre-production to principal image capture, we worked with our client to create a world and aesthetic that suited his brand. Based on input, stylistic reference and sources of inspiration, we were able to create the visual world that is The Spice Detective and reflect that through a custom brand intro and stylized video production and delivery.


With strong direction and intention for every image, BES Films crafted a top to bottom aesthetic using a mix of natural and studio lighting that fit the aesthetic needs for our client perfectly. The style used for camera movement and placement was decided on with the finished edit and motif in mind. BES Films created a unique visual structure to every episode giving our client a recognizable aesthetic and feel with every shot.

Post Production

Color correction and editing services really shine in this wonderful production. BES Films colored and gave a unique aesthetic to every episode matching multiple cameras, and sound seamlessly for audience enjoyment. Combining animated graphics, logos and intros the overall experience is one of a broadcast quality cooking show delivered straight to the online audience.

Social Media

With understanding of optimum viewing platforms on various social media platforms, BES Films delivered content perfectly suited for each platform. Including Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and more. We support our clients with re-shares, post interaction on our social media pages because we believe in our work. We also make sure to deliver content that’s perfectly suited to your platforms of choice.

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