The Spice Detective Logo filmed and produced by BES Films for Season 1 2 and 3

Client: Unconventional

UNCONVENTIONAL is a group of artists and collaborators who’ve put together a wonderful program for corporate and community outreach that allows companies to connect with local nonprofits and community members to bridge gaps and engage in art projects while networking and team building amongst their staff and volunteers. BES Films was able to film and support this startup with this mini documentary promo video featuring their first feature project with AirBnb and Miami artists GG.

Behind the scenes image from BES Films production with AirBnb, AiJustice and Unconventional featuring art by GG Photo by Jessica Rivas


BES Films provided full production support for the UNCONVENTIONAL project by capturing the images shown in the promo video in beautiful HD and UHD / 4k image quality. We served our client by capturing a full day’s event coverage and working with their post event production schedule to accommodate various interviews and locations.

Post Production

BES Films provided full post production services utilizing expert color grading, and editing of full 4k imagery to deliver a mastered and polished HD video for our client’s promotional needs. The finished product is also available in full 4k for future proofed image quality and possible 4k streaming via YouTube, Vimeo or in office 4k presentation via 4k TV’s and displays.

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