As creatives and filmmakers it’s become increasingly important to always keep in mind the importance of how life influences and informs our decision making when putting together a film. The creative process is so closely connected to the state of mind of the filmmaker and creative leads of a project that making sure they are in a good state of mind becomes almost as important as allowing them the freedom to do their work. As 2013 came to a close we looked back at all the great projects and connections that came from it and began to prepare for the projects that are coming in 2014. And by prepare we mean have fun.
BES Films co-founder Darian Faroy with some Amigos in Puerto Rico
Last year was a serious grind with a lot of hard work going into the further development of our portfolio and public image. We are so grateful for all the beautiful people we met, projects we made and connections that have sprouted from those projects. That being said though, the work load really took a serious toll; most of all on our co-founders and fearless leaders. December could have been another month of non-stop work and the tackling of deadlines, but for sanity’s sake, BES Films took a much deserved “break” and enjoyed the holiday season with friends and family.
One of the BES Amigos in Puerto Rico having fun
A highlight of which included our most recent release, the fun filled Surf trip adventure that is “BES Amigos in Puerto Rico”. Two of our own, co-founder Darian Faroy and lead engineer and musician Michael Enriquez, put together an epic week long adventure with some of the BES Amigos into the paradise that is “La Isla Del Encanto”. An escape and exploration of all things that make partnerships life lasting and meaningful; brotherhood, adventure, boy bands and of course surfing :).
BES Amigo and Lead Engineer Michael Enriquez catching some waves on the surf of Puerto Rico
Spanning some of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful locale’s the BES Amigos landed in San Juan, traveled to Aguadilla, explored Wilderness Beach, Playa Jobos and Gozalandia to name a few. Each venue providing it’s own source of memories, inspiration and offerings for pure enjoyment and bliss. The trip and now finished film encapsulates that ideal, that no matter what the turmoils and hectic demands of life bring, friends, family and experiences are what life’s value is really all about.
BES Films co-founder Darian Faroy taking an underwater selfie in the tropical waters of Puerto Rico
We’re so excited about the reception we’ve received about this honestly fun project. The video now nearing a thousand views on both Vimeo and Youtube thanks in large part to “The Film Artist” and Ben of the Vimeo community for adding it to their respective channels. Something that was just supposed to be some moments captured has really taken on a life of it’s own. Our audiences have been so gracious with their praise. It’s the best part of sharing these films and experiences with the people we care about most, our fans. So with that said, and as we plow into the release of our upcoming “PAMM” project, we give you “BES Amigos in Puerto Rico”!
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BES Amigos in Puerto Rico from BES Films on Vimeo.