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Hello BES Films friends and fans! Let me be the first to officially welcome you to the new and very much improved BES Films website & Blog.

We’ve had a pretty lengthy break since our last blog post. As filmmakers, artists and entrepreneurs we’ve been constantly working on and serving new clients with great images and projects. As such our own online needs took a back seat due to time constraints and our focus being placed primarily on the work being created for our clients. During that time we’ve established a wide array of new projects to add to our reel and also made some key upgrades to our production and editing infrastructure. More on that in a later post.

BES Films web banner video shot on the URSA Mini 4.6 k by cinematographer Raymond Linares in Alaska

BES Films web banner video featured at

Image provided by BES Films.

The time away turned out to be a much needed stretch of work becuase it gave us a bigger scope of who we are as a company and how we can creatively and artisticaly service clients in many various genres and fields of work. It also gave us the platform of work to stand on in order to properly market ourselves as a business and serious content creation provider here in the South Florida arena. Our previous site iteration was more of a portfolio and blog showing our creative direction and stylings as filmmakers but missing the mark on what we were capable of doing service wise for companies and collaborators. Being the product of our time in film school, the site was due for a big overhaul.

“It gave us the platform of work to stand on in order to properly market ourselves as a business and serious content creation provider here in the South Florida arena.”

And now we’ve done just that. As you familiarize yourself with the new website you’ll be able to see at a glance who we are, the projects we’ve been working on and what services we’re capable of providing to clients and collaborators. Want to see some of our most recent work? Go to the Projects page. Want to learn more about our services and offerings, simply visit our Services page. The About page will introduce you to our team, our goals, and some of our past accolades. Everything you need to know and learn about BES Films is here in a simple easy to use and mobile optimized platform.

In essence we were finally able to treat ourselves the way we do our clients, being 100% mindful of who we are as a brand and business by presenting our content piece by piece to showcase our aesthetic, mission and presence as creators.

Image captured from the Sebastien James Spring Summer 2015 Campaign filmed by Miami Film Production Company BES Films
Arri Light Kit image captured by Miami Film Production Company BES Films
BES Films Logo connect button for Miami Film Production Company BES Films

Written By: Raymond Linares
BES Films co-Founder

Images by BES Films

We’re very proud of the new site and hope you enjoy the experience fully on your desktop and mobile devices. We have plans to further expand the site in the coming months giving users cool and engaging ways to connect with new content and service offerings. We hope you subscribe to the blog and follow along as we continue to grow and deliver bigger and better projects. We have some exciting things brewing and hope you enjoy the news and images along the way. For now we’ll leave you with a little visual sampling from our home page web video showcasing some recent project images.

As always follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the coolest and the latest. Have a great day and see you next time.

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